Another AIS Question... Will This Work?

Another AIS Question... Will This Work?

Postby seaveepete » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:50 am

I want to be able to display AIS/DSC info on my TZT2 units (plotter and RADAR).
I have a Horizon GX2200 Matrix AIS/GPS VHF Radio installed.
I plan to purchase the Furuno IF-NMEA2K2 converter and connect it to VHF radio's NMEA 183 output and of course to my NMEA2K (Canbus) network.

Will this work as planned or do I need to add some other hardware?
BTW - I do have my MMSI number registered in my VHF.

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Re: Another AIS Question... Will This Work?

Postby DB Cooper » Fri Aug 18, 2017 8:38 am


Yes you are correct, NMEA 0183 out of the VHF radio to the IF-NMEA2K2 (in AIS mode) then into your backbone (canbus).

Here is what the GX2200 manual says:
"The GPS chart plotter ComPort must be setup to 38400 baud (HS) to receive DSC and AIS sentences from the GX2200 (Gray and Brown wires). The default setting is 4800 bps. When 38400 bps is selected the AIS sentences (VDM) and DSC sentences (DSC & DSE) both are output on the Gray and Brown wires after a DSC distress, position request or AIS transmission is received."

It is very important that you, or the installer, correctly install and put the IF-NMEA2K2 into the AIS mode (Instructions how to do so are located in the IF-NMEA2K2 installation manual) and that the VHF radio "NMEA data in/out" setting is selected to 38400 bps.
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